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Digital migraine tracking made screen-free.

Migr-AID is a revolutionary digital migraine tracking system that allows patients to log their attacks in real time without looking at a smartphone. For those who deal with migraine aura, Migr-AID is an accessible alternative to migraine-tracking apps that are difficult to look at during an attack.

With Migr-AID, patients can keep better records of when their attacks occur, what medications they've taken, and how long it takes for them to recover. 

Log your attack
with Migr-AID.

Migr-AID device.png

Edit in-app when
you're feeling better.

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How Migr-AID Works


Set up Migr-AID

After purchasing the Migr-AID keychain, download the Migr-AID app from the app store.

In the app, provide yes-or-no questions that you'd like the device to ask while collecting data, the typical amount of time it takes for you to recover after a migraine attack, and a designated emergency contact.

Migr-AID Set Up.png
Person Using Migr-AID.png


When an attack occurs...

Press and hold the button on the back of the device to initiate the data-logging process.

Migr-AID will read your pre-selected questions out loud. If you're able to speak, you can verbally respond "Yes" or "No".


If you're struggling with speech, press Migr-AID's button once for "Yes" or twice for "No".

Option to Share Location

At the end of the data-logging process, Migr-AID will ask "Would you like me to alert your emergency contact?"


If "Yes" is selected, Migr-AID will text your designated emergency contact with a message that you need assistance and drop a pin with your exact location.

GPS Migr-AID example.png



Edit or Export Data

After answering the last question with the Migr-AID device, all data is automatically uploaded to the app for later viewing and exporting once you're feeling better.

No more struggling to look at your phone and no more stress.

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